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Nail clipper or trimmer is an indispensable tool that every person should have in daily life. However, every time you trim your nails the nail clippings will fly all over the place. After trimming, in order to avoid the sharp and rough nails accidentally scrape the s kin, again you'll have to file ther nails dull with a nail file which is a waste of time and effort.

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Seemagic E2PRO: Small things make huge different.

Auto Nail Clipper & Mill file| One Button Operation |CNC-grade Head| Safe Design| Storage Box| Type-C| Metal Case. Replace traditional fingernail clipper with Seemagic E2 Pro Electric Nail Clipper. Equipped with CNC-grade cutting head, and powerful motor, Seemagic E2 PRO can trim and file your nail effectively and smoothly. Achieve daily life automation. Make nails cutting become a kind of life enjoyment.

Trim&File In-One-Go

The CNC-grade cutter head offers the fast and easy way to trim your nails. Trim and file your nails in one go. Save you time and effort. Easy to operate, one button operation. The powreful 6000rpm high-speed silent motor delivers quiet and outstanding performance. Ensure a smooth nail trimming experience!

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Safe Use & Pain Free

Safe design. Designed to fit the fingertips. With the smooth curved edges, it fits the nail shape for easily clipping. Effectively prevent accidental injury and improve comfort. Built-in light at tip illuminates nails focally so you can see in low lighting.

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Precision Alloy Metal Case

Seemagic E2Pro is designed to be a modern and durable gadget, that made of CNC precision milled alloy zinc metal case and high quality milling head.

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Super Powerful & Quiet Motor

The powerful 6000rpm high-speed silent motor delivers quiet and outstanding performance. Ensure a smooth nail trimming experience!

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  • No Mess Any More

    Humanized design with anti-splash storage box at the back that catch nail clippings. Avoids nail scraps splashing on the floor or everywhere. Keep it neat and hygine. Offering a clean experience!

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  • LED Soft Lighting

    Equipped with an user-friendly LED light next to the blade head, it will auto turn on as you clip and illuminates the cutting area to help see while cutting even in the dim

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  • Long Lasting

    Built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery. Type-C fast charging. Extra-long usage time that can be used 30 times on a single charge.

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  • Stylish and Portable

    Modern high quality metal case with magnetic cover design. Size of an airpod only, which is very portable and you can take it anywhere! A super durable and long-lasting electric nail clipper.

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Our Seemagic Team

Founded with more than CYN 2,430,000 with 3466 backers, our first-generation Seemagic campaign received great success! Now we are upgrade to Second Generation Seemagic E2Pro.

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